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Welcome Prof. Scheltens to

The newest addition to the platform, Philip Scheltens, MD, PhD is Professor of Cognitive Neurology and Director of the Alzheimer Center at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, as well as Honorary Professor of Neurology at University College London. Prof. Scheltens' work has changed the way that Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed. He was one of the first in the Netherlands to start a dementia clinic and started the Amsterdam Dementia cohort, currently the largest collection of clinical and biomarker data. This enabled him to initiate, together with colleagues, new diagnostic research criteria for Alzheimer’s disease based on the presence of a clinical phenotype and the presence of amyloid, as reflected in cerebrospinal fluid. Currently, Prof. Scheltens is the director of of the Alzheimer Centre Amsterdam at Amsterdam University Medical Centers.

We are very proud that such an accomplished professional has decided to join our platform. We are looking forward to our cooperation.


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