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Webinar in cooperation with Aegon Romania

Neurology is the most requested specialization when it comes to pediatric cases on our platform. Developmental delay, epilepsy, and genetic diseases are among the most common diagnoses discussed with our pediatricians. Why is it important to ask for a second medical opinion and how it can be beneficial in case of pediatric neurological conditions? This question was addressed by Prof. Erik Ranschaert, Chief Medical Officer at Diagnose me and Prof. Michael Freilinger, an expert in child and adolescent neurology from Medical University of Vienna at an event organized by our Romanian partner – Aegon Romania.

With children, the most crucial aspect of setting the correct neurological diagnosis is seeing the bigger picture. Second medical opinion from an expert in this field can make it clear whether the child’s symptoms can be manifestations of a neurological problem or not and can advise you specifically on which examinations to undergo to make sure. In many cases, parents tend to interpret any irregularities as warning signs in their children and have them endure countless tests and examinations that are not necessary and can have a negative impact on a child's well-being. In other cases, doctors perform unnecessary neurosurgical procedures that could have been avoided if a second medical opinion was requested (prof. Freilinger mentions for example removing an Arachnoid cyst, a brain cyst with no clinical symptoms).

If you wish to consult Prof. Freilinger on our platform or learn more about him, please visit his profile here: We are very excited to have him and our other pediatric specialists on the platform and be able to help parents around the world make informed choices when it comes to their children’s health.


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