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Launch of cancer targeted therapies

Cancer has unfortunately become a very common disease causing every sixth death in the world (data from 2017). There is still no cure to cancer, there have been some progress in the field of targeted cancer therapies. While traditional chemotherapies usually kill all rapidly dividing cells in the body by interfering with cell division, targeted cancer therapies are drugs designed to interfere with specific molecules necessary for tumor growth and progression. A primary goal of targeted therapies is to fight cancer cells with more precision and potentially fewer side effects at the cause of the disease. In order to pinpoint the best available and most suitable targeted therapy we need to identify the gene mutations causing your cancer.

That is why we are launching a new platform for targeted cancer therapies together with Oncompass Medicine, Circulogene, Dr. Korec and our very own Prof. Bartsch. The aim of this platform is to aid cancer patients in finding the most appropriate targeted therapy for their type of cancer.

To read more about the service, click here.


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