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Supporting women in health and wellness

Women's empowerment goes hand in hand with women’s health. Although men and women experience a lot of the same or similar medical difficulties, women face their own unique health issues that deserve special consideration as they often get sidelined. Women still deal with several gender-specific challenges and structural barriers in health care and the lack of comprehensive and gender-sensitive care may sometimes mean they do not have the access to the expertise they need. That’s why we decided to support and participate at the conference “Akčné ženy“ (Women in action) in Bratislava that focused on the challenges women face in their health and other areas. Osteoporosis prevalence among different age groups of women, infertility, gynecological health as well as breast cancer prevention were some of the many interesting topics discussed at the prepared seminars. offered vouchers to a number of women, who due to their rare or very serious medical condition may benefit from an expert medical opinion provided by our international specialists platform. is dedicated to continue its cooperation with “Akčné ženy“ in other regions of Europe, and aims to support women with access to expertise in their particular health issues that might not be available for them locally.


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