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One of our core missions here at Diagnose me is to make medical innovations accessible for everyone, independent of their geographical location. We were therefore very happy to support the "Importance of Innovation In HealthCare" conference as one of the sponsors. Taking place in Bratislava, it was a great opportunity to share and learn about experiences from existing projects using innovative technologies and approaches in healthcare sector. Professionals ranging from medical experts, decision-makers, politicians as well as scientists and doctors spoke and listened about the current trends and developments in the healthcare sector.

Telemedicine in the treatment of paediatric cardiac patients, personalized oncology, and innovative diagnostics of tumour tissue were some of the hot topics discussed at the event. It was also concluded that second medical opinions and remote medical consultations were proven very effective and valuable in the COVID-19 era. Healthcare innovators as well as experts all unanimously agreed that there is a significant need to pass relevant legislations to make them more easily and more widely accessible. Patient centric approach, personalized medicine and innovations resonated in the speeches of numerous speakers, who also agreed that the “most expensive patient is the one who is not treated right”. We, at remain strongly committed to this message and continue to innovate our products to better support doctors and patients in making the best-informed decisions.


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