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A second medical opinion on biopsy analysis through the platform

As new technologies keep transforming healthcare at a rapid pace, we made it our mission to not only provide access to leading medical specialists from around the world but also to the latest medical innovations that might not yet be available for everyone locally.

We continuously scout for medical innovations that can make a difference in treating a client’s medical condition. Together with our partners, we strive to bring these innovative diagnostic services to as many people as possible.

Our collaboration with a Belgian-based company provides one such innovative service.

Together with, we offer the possibility for our clients to have a second medical opinion on their biopsy analysis.

When facing cancer, it is crucial for patients to have the cancer subtype correctly diagnosed as it will be determinative of the correct treatment.

That second opinion on the biopsy analysis can confirm the original diagnosis and treatment plan or, in some cases, change the diagnosis a subsequently alter the treatment plan. A pathologist is only human, and misdiagnosis is not uncommon. Having someone else provide their expertise and weigh in on the diagnosis can be invaluable and, in some cases, can even change a patient’s medical outcome.

The network of board-certified pathologists offers a broad clinical pathology experience and guarantees reliable and timely diagnosis for each form of tumor.

Our clients can have their biopsy material sent to where it will be revised by a pathological specialist who is an expert on the particular tumor type.

Our medically trained customer support team helps clients every step of the way to make sure the process is as easy for them as possible.

'I was especially proud to offer this service to one of our clients as he dealt with a very rare type of cancer and the oncologist was struggling with other recommendations. The results supported the original analysis so the client was reassured and could pass the case on to a specialist for further recommendations. Cooperation with the company is very straightforward, mainly thanks to excellent communication and an individual approach.' - Silvia Tršo, Medical Customer Support


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